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CCLS History


 **Compiled by Mrs. Harry Souders and library staff, from items, notices,
local newspapers and interviews.**

21 April 1927 – Mrs. Ellen Speck was appointed Librarian by the Grayling Township board. 

6 Oct 1927 –    Planning for county libraries begins by the Michigan Library Association. Chief functions
                      of the Library Association are to promote, encourage, and improve library services
                      throughout Michigan.

24 Nov 1927 – Mrs. Speck complied a list of a number of books.

29 Dec 1927 – Mrs. Speck also listed a number of new books for the library. She did not state if they 
                     were bought by the township or if they were gifts.

19 Jan 1928 –  Newspaper announcement that a story hour at the Town Hall would begin.

16 Aug 1928 – Mrs. Speck resigns, as her family moved to Detroit. During this past year, there were 6,321 
                      books and 373 magazines borrowed from the Library. Also, from 21 Jan 1928 to 31 Mar 1928
                      story hour was held with stories told by Mrs. Charles Gothro. During this time 170 children
                      attended. Mrs. Howard Bunker, Jessie Babbitt Bunker, followed Mrs. Speck.

As of 1928 -    6,321 books circulated

28 Feb 1929 – Story hour at the Library with Miss Hazel Cassidy and Miss Clarissa Dago, sponsored
                      by the Woman’s Club.

14 Mar 1929 – Library books are undergoing a complete cataloging.

Circa 1930 -    Mrs. William Foley, Sr. followed Mrs. Bunker as Librarian.

17 Nov 1936 – Motion made and carried that the City Manager is hereby authorized to build an addition
                      to the Fire Hall to provide an office and library space. The addition to be 18 X 30 feet.

24 Dec 1936 – The City Library is now located on the main floor of the new addition at the Fire Hall
                      which has been taken over by the City from Grayling Township.

1937 Decoration Day – Mrs. Foley resigned.

21 Oct 1937 – Mrs. Eva Wingard is Librarian. The lending period is two weeks, with a penalty of 2¢ per
                     day late fee. Only one book at a time may be taken. All residents of the city, upon filling out
                     a registration card, may take out books. Non-residents may take out books after filling out
                     a registration card and paying a fee of 50¢.

8 Dec 1938 –  Grayling Library gets State Aid Grant. This quarterly sum amounts to $36.99. It can be used to
                     pay salaries of personnel and purchase books or equipment.

29 Apr 1939 – Grayling Public Library received third quarterly payment from the State, $36.99.

9 Nov 1939 –  The City of Grayling is confronted with the problem of providing new quarters for the City

14 Dec 1939 – The Library was moved from the city offices to rooms vacated by the Welfare office over 
                      Connine’s Grocery. Mr. Elmer Neal became Librarian and shortly after this time the library
                      closed again.

Circa 1944 –    Representatives from various organizations met at the Court House, and they were asked to 
                      consider a County Library. With this being agreeable, the Board of Supervisors appointed 
                      Mr. Frank Bond, Mrs. Howard Bunker, Mrs. T.P. Peterson, George Granger, and Mrs. Franklin 
                      Hill to the Library Board.

8 Jun 1944 –   Library Board held first meeting, electing officers Mrs. T.P. Peterson, Chairman, Mrs. Granger,
                     Secretary and Treasurer, and Mrs. Funck was hired as Librarian.

Nov 1953 -     Mrs. Harry Souders hired as Assistant Librarian.

Circa 1965 -    Mrs. Roy Wedge hired as Assistant Librarian.

1 Aug 1965 –  New Library was completed and dedicated. Mrs. Arthur Wakeley has served the longest on the
                     Library Board, appointed in 1951, serving to date, 1971.

As of 1970 -    19,959 books circulated

As of 1971 -    Library owns a little over 10,000 volumes. Crawford County Library is a branch of the State 
                     Library, also has a branch located in Frederic, and is administered by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuhlman.

August 2000 – When a $1.5 million bond issue was approved, Leslie Devereaux donated money for a 
                      new library building. She dedicated the library to her father, Richard Devereaux. Other
                      donations were also made by the Weyerhaeuser Foundation, Charles Fick, and Nelson Miles.

Spring of 2001 – Groundbreaking for a new building on Plum Street for the Devereaux Memorial Library.

15 March 2002 – Devereaux Memorial Library officially opens.

5 March 2012 – Frederic Community Library temporarily closed for moving to a new location in the old
                        Frederic Elementary School.

15 March 2012 – 10 year anniversary of the Devereaux Memorial Library on Plum Street.

17 March 2012 – Grand reopening of the Frederic Community Library.

As of 2016 – Library owns approximately 70,000 volumes.