Thursday, January 20, 2022

Interested in working with us?

Crawford County Library Application Form

Please turn in any applications to the Devereaux Memorial Library.



Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated at Crawford County Library!

If you are interested, please call (989) 348-9214 and find out more.


What might my volunteer duties include?

  • Straightening books on shelves
  • Dusting and cleaning shelves and tables
  • Helping program staff prepare craft materials (cutting, counting, gathering supplies, etc.)
  • Sorting paperback books for sale and shelving
  • Stamping items no longer in circulation
  • Cleaning computer screens and keyboards
  • Shelf reading (making sure items are in order on shelves - this task requires staff training)
  • Other general tasks requiring lifting, light cleaning, and straightening, on an as-needed basis


People decide to volunteer for many reasons.

Earn school required community service hours, spend your retirement days helping your local library branch, or use your free time to become involved in an important part of the community and feel good doing it. Everyone has something to offer! Please call 989-348-9214 to learn more about how to sign up and what volunteer work is currently needed.